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May 12, 2016

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Looking for some spine-chilling fun? Final Friday, the horror themed clicker is just what you need. Halloween is right in your hand! Fire your silver bullets and cast powerful magic circles on the endless wave of familiar horror monsters. Collect gold, level up your abilities and upgrade your weapon and spells. Easy to play with simple taps!


Final Friday is a twin game of Final Meteor. The game structure is identical, but the theme is 180 degrees opposite. If the keyword of Final Meteor is 'JRPG', the keyword of Final Friday is 'Halloween'. Final Friday pays homage to western horror icons and horror films. Well-known monsters like vampire, werewolf and headless horseman appear on familiar horror backdrops including a spooky pumpkin patch, a mad scientist's lab and a haunted mansion. A whole chapter later in the game is dedicated to parody horror icons in pop culture. Aesthetically, unlike the colorful Final Meteor, Final Friday is toned toward black and white. Instead of chiptune, BGMs are filled with suspenseful music, and screams and evil laughs are inserted as sound effects. We hope players to choose between the two oppositely themed games, Final Meteor and Final Friday, and enjoy the one that suits their taste.


  • 50 classic monster and horror icons to slay, from Frankenstein to a Roswell alien! (a what?)
  • 7 Entertaining horror backdrops from a midnight pumpkin patch to a haunted mansion
  • 7 high-quality spooky BGMs supplemented with female scream, evil laugh and zombie growls
  • 10+ hours of playtime
  • Stat point system, level up your hero in the direction you want


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Final Meteor/Final Friday screenshots and icons
Download zip file at : dropbox.com.

About ClapClap Media

ClapClap Media is a small indie game studio based in Seoul, Korea. One guy writes the code, another guy draws the art :)

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Final Friday Credits

Sang Jun Ohn
Artwork and Planning, ClapClap Media

Dae Yong Lee
Programming, ClapClap Media

Du Kim
UX Layout and Typeface Design, Brisak Games

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